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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waving Monsters

I love this ryhming book that's all about cute and hilarious monsters called "Monster Munchies". The students roar with laughter and the pictures are great for inspiration for monster drawing since there are such a wide variety of color and different types of monsters. After the book I showed students how to make a "waving monster". First make a fist. Put the fist near the edge of your paper (hot dog style position of paper) and trace around with a crayon. Lift up and you'll see you have a "paw" or arm waving. Then draw a large wavy oval around the whole paper to create the monster. Fury? Slimy? Hairy? How many eyes does it have? Does it have eye lashes? Eye brows? Mouth? Teeth? Is it mean? A girl or boy? Legs? More arms? Give it some line and pattern. Color it in with bright crayons!

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