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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It's here!! Brand, spankin' new art newsletter! Paper form should be going home soon & if you stopped by at open house I had paper copies out and available....but, you can always view them online and stay green! Yay!

2011 FALL NewsletterPRINT

Welcome BACK 2011 fall school year with Kandinsky abstract art!

We started another school year with NEW art mediums/art supplies to try! I decided after rules, we needed to get some inspiration, since many of us haven't had art for a long time, and some are new to Miss Oetken's art room all together! So, first I read the book "The Dot". It talks about if just start making marks on your paper, it's a start to making your own art! Then we were ready to get messy!

Each table was a station with a new art supply where students got to try, experiement, and learn new techniques! These mediums/materials included shimmery, metallic watercolor, liquid watercolor in BRIGHT colors, charcoal pencil, chalk pastels, oil pastels, and watercolor pencils!

We circulated from station to station  & after 5 minutes of using the material on a 12x 18 white piece of paper at a station, I got to use my fun bird whistle to signal when to move to the next station with our paper! What was the interesting thing, was that most students just got to play and have fun on their paper. AND these multi media drawings started to look A LOT like the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky's compostional abstact pieces of art! Interesting!

Wassily Kandinsky abstract art. A lot of his art was painted to music or reflected
musical compositions he composed himself! He also was a musician!

Art Adventures/summer Living

Wow, the summer flew by! I went to a few art festivals, talked with other art teachers, worked on some new lesson ideas, and had a little project of my own! This is my new mug I made at a paint your own pottery place. It's going to be on my desk for students to enjoy. It has Claudia my cat as an artist at the "Meow Museum". These are all famous artists with famous pieces of art, with a feline twist. Enjoy!

Claudia Monet, my cat:)