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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Modern Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa as a wild west bank robber on the run! WANTED with a reward of $1,000!

4th graders finished up Renaissance art with a pop quiz all about what we've learned and made our very own Modern Mona Lisa's! We reviewed what we have learned about the Renaissance, Da Vinci, and his most famous masterpiece- The Mona Lisa! Students were instructed to make their own individual Mona Lisa. What will Mona Lisa be doing in your drawing? Think about careers. Maybe she's a vet, in a clinic. What do you see at the vet clinic? What could she be doing in history? Is she a princess in her kingdom? What would she see around her? Maybe she's an astronaut. What new planet is she discovering? Are there any lifeforms? What do they look like?

Mona's a guardian angel at Heaven's gate!

I stressed that the background and detail was most important in this lesson. We also address proportion and what it was. How long are your arms? How far do they come down on your legs. Shoulders and torso, how long and how big are the hands? Pay attention to proportion! We first used pencil to draw all detail in the drawing so we could easily erase. Then used colored pencil to add the color and demention. I explained colored pencil is a great choice so they can highlight detail and can easily get in the small areas to color, yet still see the pencil drawing. We spent 2 class periods on this and students worked hard to do a nice 4th grade job coloring in! Impressive. Here's just a few of some of the amazing Modern Mona's students made. So creative in their approach!

Mona Lisa's a farmer!
Mona Lisa's a Rockstar in a rock band playing guitar!


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