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Sunday, October 2, 2011

'Art-aholic' Birthday Weekend in Minneapolis

Oh what an awesome weekend it was celebrating my birthday! First of all, the term 'art-aholic' means obsessed with art...not alcohol:) Don't be alarmed! Okay, so I'm guilty here, my birthday is in April. Therefore I was slacking and didn't post this last spring when it really happened. I was thinking about traveling and going on some more art adventures and I thought, well I haven't shared all that many!

Jenny my friend now from Minneapolis, meeting me in the lobby with some art

So for starters I wanted to get away and do something special for my birthday. I also wanted to see friends if I could and I had been wanting to go to the Walker for quite sometime again. I searched the walker and then saw that there was a hotel that coinsided with a discount for admission to the Walker. It was called the "Le Meridien Chambers" Art Hotel....the number one art hotel in the country?! The hotel website blew my mind. An art gallery wing on the lobby floor for private artists, the the whole lobby is a modern art gallery with some of most prevelant current artists' artwork. It was amazing. Then the outside patio during the wintertime is all made out of ice with an igloo bar area (blocks of ice) that serves your drinks in glasses made of ice with fire pits to stay warm. Unfortuanately it was melted by April but I was shown pictures. Each room was crisp, minimalist, but each room in the hotel had an one of a kind piece of art from a different artist, so no 2 rooms were alike! My favorite part with the flatscreen tv in the bathroom and the fact I could watch tv in my 'rainfall' shower since the doors were clear glass. AMAZING.

Because I was staying at the hotel, I was given a one of a kind piece of art key card for my room which also served as FREE ADMISSION to the Walker! Loved it. Here are some of the highlights of art and my adventure...enjoy!:)

Chuck Close Lithograph (this is crazy how many blocks of prints went into this)

up close photo of the grid of the Chuck Close self portrait. Look at all the colors!

Andy Warhol's "Marilyn" with Diamond dust! I wish you could see the sparkle!

Kara Walker siloettes of African American Taboos

Robert Longo (this was cool to see because back in my hometown Mason City, the MacNider has a piece of just a solo pose that is life sized and I immediately reconized this one at the Walker)

Roy Lichtenstein

This is an "Art-o-Mat" machine! COOL! Another reason why I wanted to stay at this hotel. Since college,
I had a professor tell me about this phenomenon. These art 'vending machines' are located at different art location all over the united states. Only 1 or 2 is located within a state. And Minnesota's is located here! These vintage cigarette machines are refurnished and artists (really anyone can apply to participate) make one of a kind simple pieces of art and compose a cigarette pack sized box to place the piece of art inside.

Then a person like myself gets tokens from the front desk and then you pull on one of the levers when you decide what type of art you're interested in.

Different artist choices. Pull the lever to vend!

and out falls a box and a surprise piece of art

Hey my love for the arts is more than just visual art, I LOVE music. Including Broadway. Upclose at Jersey Boys!


inside my hotel room. THere's the two one of a kind paintings. That's the art for my room

and yes the bed is as comfy as it looks. The view was amazing as well.


a lighted closet...interesting

the sink was pretty cool, it drains backwards

the bathroom ws the best part. Heated floors, tv,and rainfall shower. YES!

comfy warm robe! I felt like Pretty Woman

so real! And designed with real hair! Freaky!

the entrance is really unique

fire pit when you come in

in the lobby going into the restaurant and bar

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