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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Egyptian Art with 3-D Pyramid & fold out Tomb map

3rd graders moved on in art history to our next stop on our timeline: Egyptian art! We watched a Reading Rainbow episode about mummies,the pyramids, preservation of Egyptian artifacts in a musueum, and read the book "Mummies Made in Egypt" where it took us through the process and history of ancient Egypt, even inside the tomb of a pyamid.

Students also learned what was included in the tomb for the mummy to take with them to the afterlife. We looked at pictures, books, and more, of artifacts that the Egyptians would put in the tomb. These included furniture, canopic jars, heart scarab, neckpieces, jewelry, solid gold statues & treasure, amulets (lucky charms), and more!

Miss Oetken's treasure map

 We learned that there were many tunnels that led to 'traps'or dead ends so that if a robber tried to find and disturb the tomb, they might be ill fated! We were Indianna Jones inspired. So after we colored in & cut out our pyramid, we used the other side as a map. We drew a circle in the middle to show the tomb room and then chose treasures/artifacts we studied (looked a pictures in books and visuals projected) to draw in the tomb. Then drew tunnels that led to different trap rooms. We also made a dotted line that showed how to carefully use the safe path to arrive at the tomb.


  1. what are the dimensions of the sized paper used? i love this idea!

  2. Hayley, it's just on a standard sheet of copy paper from the copy machine. I drew a triangle and then used the same triangle on each side so it was symetrical when folded.