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Thursday, October 20, 2011

PiCaSsO FrAnKeNsTeiNs!

2nd graders learned about Picasso's famous style of faces. We talked about how in Cubism, his faces actually combined more than one view. We got this wonderful idea from Mrs. Picasso's Art Room blog. Here's the amazing step by step tutorial!

2nd graders did such an amazing job! We only required head and mouth tracers and the students cut the rest! First each student, one quiet table at a time, would come up to get 2 colors of green paper and a pencil, then trace the head on each piece. Cut both out. Then taking a pencil on ONE of the heads, draw a line half down, make a nose (we talked about making all different kinds, long, pointy, short, round ), and then draw the line straight down to divide the face. Cut on the line. Save the side with the nose sticking out. Glue on top of the full head lining it up with the edge. Use a purple piece of paper to make the shoulders. Just make an arch and use the bottom straight edge of the paper (make sure your paper is hamburge way, nice and tall). With a scrap of the green, cut a rectangle for the neck.

Now glue the shoulders down and line the purple edge up with edge of the background paper. Then the neck on top, and then the head. I told students go to the basket station and take their paper with them after they have the head, neck and shoulders glued on. At this station, I had Fall baskets that had white paper strips (to draw and cut the eyes out of) and black strips (to trace the mouth). Then cut and glue down the mouth. For the eyes, cut out (football like) the eyes. Use markers or colored pencil to color the inside pupil. Then glue on, in a "Picasso style" with one eye higher than the other. Use the the scrap of white paper to cut out and glue teeth in the mouth.  Then use black marker for hair, outlining if desired, stitches, and bats/spiders!

Girl Frankenstein! Isn't she a beauty.

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