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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Painted Paper Pumpkins!

Miss Oetken's Painted Paper Pumpkin!

Kinders had a great time getting messy and learning how to make painted paper! Miss Oetken had different stations with yellow ochre, yellow-orange, orange, and red paints at different tables. First I had put students names IN THE MIDDLE on the back. Then students could go to a paint station and paint on their paper with that certain color and told to paint until they heard the signal (my fun bird whistle!). After about 2-3 minutes, I blew my bird whisle (it tweets!) then students were instructed to find a new color table with a brush that wasn't in use. If in use, find another table. Hurry though! Only 3 minutes for that color! Then after they got all the colors and their paper was saturated, they go to the texture station where I made my own 'combs' to comb through the paint (made by taking old credit cards or plastic card hotel room keys) to make a pattern and texture. Then painted a small piece of paper with 2 colors of green (yellow-green/dark green). Time for the drying rack! After finished students brought them to the drying rack to dry for the next class time.

For the second class, students looked at the back with their name. I showed students how to make a giant oval/circle that stretched to all the edges of their paper. Students then cut on the line to cut out the shape of their pumpkin. We talked about how to hold scissors, and how the scissors are like a shark's mouth and it needs to be wide open to eat that pencil line. I have fun show the students how to cut slowly turning the paper and make the 'Jaws' theme song as I cut up and down. We laugh as we learn. I also showed students how to cut out a stem, and if you have left over paper, you could make a green leaf as well-using 'baby dots' of glue to glue down!

                            Check out these amazing painted pumpkins made by students below!

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