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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Analogous Colored Pastel/ Glue Pumpkins

Drawn with glue on black paper-dry-then pastel chalk

2nd graders learned about the order of analogous colors on the color wheel. We're going to be using this order on a fall pumpkin scene made from drawing with glue?! Think of analogous colors like this(look below at the color wheel): yellow orange fades to orange, then to red orange. Red orange is the product of red (it's on the right side) mixed with orange and yellow-orange is the yellow mixed with orange. Here's the porcedure!
color wheel with analogous color order

First students draw with pencil. A wavy line for the ground for the pumpkin to sit on. Then I showed how to draw a 3-Demensional pumpking. For the pumpkin, I told students to draw a tall skinny oval to start the center of the pumpkin. Then add ovals on each side to finish the pumpkin. Give it a stem and or a leave. Then a large circle for the moon in the sky along with bats and or clouds. Then it's time to trace over with glue!

trace over pencil line with white glue
 Next time the drawings should be dry and the glue will have left a black, raised outline. Now it's time for chalk pastel analogous color order! 

We showed how first you divide each of the pumpkin sections in 3 different colored sections. First yellow-orange, orange, and then red-orange. Then blend with finger! The kids are sooooo wowed how the color blend into one another! For the stem yellow-green, green, blue-green/dark green. Then for the sky, starting near the grounde, red-violet, purple/violet, and blue-violet/blue. Blend throughly with clean fingers.

Students using their color wheel/ color crossword

Just need to finish the yellow moon:) Looks great!

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