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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Primary Colors with Jasper Johns!

Jasper Johns famous painting

Kindergarteners studied the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and made their own version of Jasper Johns masterpiece! We looked Jasper Johns and with the same colors of paint, we dipped forks into paint and make fork prints every-which-way to get the same effect!


  1. Very nice! I used to be Mr Johns caretaker at his caribbean estate. my wife currently attends Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver, Co.

    We both fear for the future of art education - nice to see how you are keeping it fun and alive!

  2. Oh my goodness! How cool is that!? Thanks for commenting. How did you find my blog in the endless abyss online? I'm glad there's people who still believe in the arts. I am also fearful of the future of art education in the direction it's headed! Everything seems to be be result driven and if there isn't a strict formula to get testable results then people don't understand the relavance! Art is 80% process and critical thinking and 20% result (that's how I feel) and the critical thinking process is what's key! It exercises problem solving needed for survival in the future!

  3. Hi Kati,

    I have a "Google News Alert" for "Jasper Johns" - anytime he is mentioned anywhere new on the web, I receive an email alert. This is how I saw your posting.

    You might find it interesting to do this for some of the artists you teach your kids about - just google "google news alerts" to set them up.

    I showed your blog to my wife and she really liked it. She's 46 and going for a BFA in Oil Painting and Sculpture at RMCAD.

    Hopefully the pendulum will swing back towards respect and admiration for the artists and designers of the world.

    We lost Steve Jobs this month - he always talked about being at "the intersection of technology and liberal arts" - hopefully the kids will find him more historically appealing than Bill Gates or the NBA All-Stars. We can only hope.

    Bryan Brodie
    Denver, CO

  4. I just taught this lesson and it was fantastic! I've been particularly inspired by your kindergarten lessons, so thank you for sharing!