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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snowman highlight/shading Snowglobes!

 3rd graders learned a little bit about highlights and shading with our snowman snowglobe. I talked about how light projects and how sometimes it can't reach around an object so you might see a shadow on the other side or it might be darker since the light can't reach. Using white oil pastels, we traced around a circle tracer for the globe. Use the side of the white oil pastel to go around the inner edge to show the 'glass glare'. Then I showed how with a pencil, to draw the snowman. Then color in solid with a white oil pastel. To get the highlight, I showed how on one side trace over the snowman, on the other trace around the snowman with blue oil pastel. Now rub and blend the oil pastel on the blue edge. Students thought this was so cool!

 After students colored in the snowman, they could add some snow on the ground, little white dots of snow falling, and of course lots of detail to their snowman. I pretty much told them they could add whatever they wanted in the background as long as it was appropriate. Next using scrap paper, they traced a base, cut it out, and glued it on the bottom of the globe and could design that as well. Students really enjoyed it!

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