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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kindergarten & 1st grade Winter Wonderland Mural with guest art teacher Stephanie Lase!

Miss Lace, an area art teacher and art education friend from college days at UNI (oh how I miss our painting classes together!) observed our classroom (more like helped the entire day!) and created the background for our amazing Winter Wonderland mural! Kinders helped make and decorate trees, 1st grade made hand polar bears and detailed penguins! We used painted paper scraps for the details on the penguins. We did this as a bonus activity after we finished our cat and dog pattern sweaters.

When students were finished they could also do some other winter fun theme activities! Like a snowglobe made out of the center of a plate! Turn it into an ornament?

....or make a stamper patterned wrapped gift? Then glue on a strip of yarn for a bow around the gift.

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