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Monday, December 12, 2011

Kinders get in the spirit of the season!

Students got into the spirit of the season with making a traced hand that turns into a deer (or reindeer if they prefer!) along with a winter tree (that they could decorate by choice) on a snowy night! First students traced their hand on a piece of brown construction paper with a white crayon so they could see what to cut out.  Glued down so the 'fingers/legs' are touching the ground. Then cut out 3 small triangles (students can draw them with a pencil if easier) out of the brown scrap before discarding. 2 for the ears and 1 for the tail.

Then add details with crayon. Black crayon for the hooves, black crayon for the eyes, black for the nose if it's a deer in the winter forest, and red if you want to make it Rudolph. Brown crayon for the antlers. Then get a small piece of green paper-draw a large triangle on it for a tree. Glue next to deer. Decorate with snow or holiday trimmings. Use white crayon to make snow or snowflakes falling from the sky. I also showed students how to make the snowy ground by making a wavy horizon line with white crayon.

When students were finished I showed them how to make a polar bear by doing the same thing, except a few changes. White paper, black crayon, adding 2 back circles, and claws. I also showed students how to draw an igloo.

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