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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Egyptian Cuffs & finishing our table team Life Size Sarcophagus'

3rd graders finished their Egyptian sarcophagus', Egyptian self evaluation, and then made these toilet paper Egyptian cuffs! I told the students DO NOT CUT the toilet paper roll UNTIL it's completely dry. The reason being it will loose it's shape and just flatten out on it's own. So simply paint with metallic gold, decorate and glue with sequins, and let dry. Then give it a spiral cut for the cobra cuff or just s single cut for the normal cuff.

Students finished working on teamwork skills and their tableteam, patterned, life-size sarcophagus', complete with heiroglyphic cartouches, gold metallic paint detail, and then cut them out. We drew straws for who got to take the treasure home!

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