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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kinders and Reindeer on a snowy night

Kinders used their hands to make a deer, or a reindeer, to trace and cut out. Then glued down. We cut out 3 triangles of the brown scraps for the ears and tail. Then added antlers, hooves, eyes, and a nose. I told students to use a pencil to draw the triangles on their scraps if they had a hard time trying to cut things out. Kinders are still learning how the whole scissors cut shapes out of  paper thing. Coordination comes at it's own pace. We used a little piece of green paper to draw a triangle on to cut out for a tree. 

Then we used white crayon to add snowflakes and snow. I told students they could decorate the tree how they wish: with snow or lights depending on what they celebrate. They turned out very cute. The kindergarten teachers loved them so much they hung them in the hallway and we got lots of compliments.

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