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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cool and Warm color family Snowflake Watercolor Snowmen!

 Once again we did the cool and warm color family snowflake snowmen. We talked about the color families and then chose 2 colors from the family of our choice. Students reviewed the dos and don't of watercolor painting and how to do the wet on wet technique to get beautiful blends! After a class of them drying, we cut out our tracers of the small circle for the head, the medium for the middle, and the big one for the bottom. Then traced them onto the dry watercolor paper.

 I showed students how to fold the circle in half, then in half again for a 'pizza slice' and how to cut a few triangles out with scissors on each side. Then unfold and glue down on your paper. Beautiful! Use metallic crayon for the details like the eyes, scarf (if they chose), hat, arms and more. Then I showed students how to make a glitter scarf. I have a glitter system. I have box top trays with a small container of glitter. I tell the students to draw with glue, put your art in the tray, use the pinch and sprinkle technique to sprinkle on the glitter on the glue, and then keep inside and tap off the excess. THEN they can remove it from the tray. I also showed how to make a 'scribble scarf' so that way the scarf won't be a big gluey mess. I also mentioned to the kids by keeping the excess glitter in the box top, we can reuse the glitter and have more glitter for other projects! Yay! More glitter for us!

If students finished early, I showed them how to write a story about their snowman to take home and enjoy!

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  1. This is such a cute project! Thanks for the detailed instructions!