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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wowing Wayne! (cool art game)

I just wanted to share this awesome, fun, Wayne Thiebaud 'Make a Cake' activity/game! So fun and educational. It's from the National Gallery of Art where I purchased a relatively inexpensive Wayne Thiebaud Cakes print that I laminated with love :-) I posted the link under my Art Games! on my blog. Basically you click on the different options and then on the "cake views" to decorate your cake. You can even print it out!


  1. KATI! I can't believe how amazing your kids' work is! So creative, just like their teacher! So proud of all the hard work you are putting into teaching to bring creativity and art into their lives! :)

  2. Lauren!Thank you! As I'm sure you're doing the same hard work for your students abroad:)