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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Trees

Kindergarten is making tree that go with the February season. 1st step is on a white sheet of paper trace a triangle for the tree shape. Then modge podge colored tissue paper and smooth with fingers before laying down the next square of tissue. I told students if you can tug or pull on an eduge, you know you need to paint more modge podge (watered down modge podge) on top and smooth with fingers until you can't grab edges.
Next time we'll cut it out and glue on a purple, tourquoise or blue piece of construction paper and cut out hearts to glue on, paper punch white snow to glue on, and make a 'hearty bird' made just by cutting hearts. I might have some foam hearts to stick on and throw on some red glitter on the hearts. We'll try some approaches with different classes to see what is popular and works!

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