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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fabulous Flowers with Andy Warhol & and a side of Soup (cans)!


1st grade learned about Andy Warhol and printmaking! We watched the "Getting to Know World's Greatest Artists: Andy Warhol" video and learned all about the artist Andy Warhol, how he makes his famous prints, and some of his most famous art. For our projects, we focused on his repetative prints of flowers and soup cans. For the soup cans we used his "ink blotting" method where we painted a soup can shape on a clear plexiglass printing plate, took a piece of construction paper layed it on top, rubbed it, and pulled a print from having the paint transferred from the plate.

Then we put them in the drying rack and let them dry for next time. Then they can design their own soup can with bright CRAYOLA construction paper crayons (LOVE!) with pattern, design a new flavor, and throw in lots of bold color! I also got out some metallic crayons as well that really POP! I mean this is POP ART after all:)

Andy Warhol "ink blot" Soup Cans Prints-student work

Andy Warhol's cat series made by ink blot monoprint
technique & adding color with watercolor along with a famous Soup Can screenprint

We also focused on relief printing that mimicks the same effect as the screenprinting technique Warhol used to really express 'repetition' in most of his famous work. We looked at some of his famous prints including the repetitive flowers seen in the video. The same print was used but he just changed the colors of ink for the flowers (below). We used rollers/brayers to ink our relief print we made by using thin styrofoam sheets and a ballpoint pen to draw into. We mAfter we rolled ink/tempera black paint, we made 4 black and white prints, blotted them, and then used crayons to color them each in differently.
student work Andy Warhol's flowers

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