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Friday, February 25, 2011

Arcimboldo Self Portraits


We looked at the very famous vegetable and fruit portraits of Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo! We pointed out all different kinds of vegetables and fruits that we recognized and what part of the face they formed. We also looked at all of the vegetables and fruits we would be coloring in and what kind of facial feature or part of our face they could possibly be used for. Also, we discovered different foods could be used for more than one type of facial feature and explored possibilities. The class also helped brainstorm some ideas for what you could make for the head, such as a whole watermelon and what would that look like, a tomatoe? A giant lemon, or lime?! Pear? Maybe an orange? Cherry?Chocolate chip cookie?! Pickle? Why not!?

We talked about coloring in and doing a quality job then using the other piece of drawing paper to choose what fruit or vegetable we wanted for our head and to make it GIANT stretching and making sure it fills up the whole page. Draw first, so you can erase, then color in nicely.

The next step is to cut out fruit and glue down. The foods that you don't use, you can choose to use those to fill in a face or overlap for hair or discard. Voila! Arcimboldo self portraits!


  1. I love this lesson idea because your fruit and vegetable coloring sheet makes it so accessible to young children! Would you consider sharing the coloring sheet as a download?

  2. Sure. I'll see about whipping that up!

  3. This is great for younger kids. Did you ever share your coloring sheets as a download?

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  5. Wow, love this art idea to tie in with healthy eating!
    Do you have this printout of foods to share ?

    Would so appreciate that :)
    Grade 1 teacher