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Friday, February 18, 2011


I was told that 4th grade is studying a book about Vermeer and including "Girl with the Pearl Earring", which struck a creative synapse in my noggin! I figured out a step by step basic way to draw on black paper. CLASSTIME #1-Then trace over pencil drawing with glue and let dry in your drying rack. With the rest of the time, use a small 'pearl' (flattened round ball) of model magic (white) for the earring. Use 'platinum' medium or Crayola's 'pearl it' medium to paint the model magic pearl earring. Have students put it on a small half sheet of paper with their name and class on it, and let dry on their shelf for next time.

CLASSTIME #2- Talk about 'chiaroscuro' (kee-ar-o-ski-ur-o) and use of light and shadow. Show dotted lines on the drawing guide worksheet ( they looked at to draw their girl with the pearl earring) to show show where light and darkness meet so students know where to stop blending their chalk pastel.

Now the glue is dry, it provides barriers/outlines for where the chalk can be blended. Have a hot glue gun station where students can make a dollop of hot glue, and glue on the earring to the paper.


  1. That's awesome! Do you know the name of the book the students are studying? I have a great book, "Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliett (spelling?) that is about a group of 6th grade (I think) friends who solve a mystery about a missing Vermeer painting. It's a great little AR book (1st in a series of three...hope there's more coming). One year, I had the kids for 15 minutes, then they went to lunch, then I had them for another 45 minutes. Needless to say, it was tough to get things going, put them away quick without getting much done, then back out again for the 45 minutes. I solved the problem by reading to them those first 15 minutes. They enjoyed the book and they could take the AR test and earn points for the LA class. Win-Win.

    Do you mind if I send your use of Model Magic in this project to our Crayola rep? She's looking for ideas to share at the NAEA convention. Let me know!

  2. Of course Rhonda! That's what we do best, pass on and share! Thanks!

  3. OH! And by the way that's the book they're reading!! Chasing Vermeer!