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Monday, February 21, 2011

Picasso's 3 Musicians...with our own twist!

Miss Oetken's own "3 Musicians": The Punk Rock "Picasso's". They're so emo.:)
I am a huge advocate of the arts and firmly believe that art, dance and music form a strong bond and work hand in hand. I for one was involved in everything music (vice president of music and band) and everything art in high school. Kandinsky proves this point, not only was a he a successful musician but his music inspired his art and vice versa. They're both cohesive in the fact that creativity, emotion, and personality mold the product. They also evoke emotion. There is an evident connection between these art forms. It's also something very relateable for young people.....and not to mention, FUN! We were already studying Picasso and cubism, so it brought me to his "3 Musicians".

Picasso's cubist "3 Musicians"

5th grade talked about 1st what they saw in the cubist compostion, 3 Musicians. I made them guess what the title was and we explained what we saw and why it looked the way it did. We looked for clues and then revealed the title! We then went into discussion about what are your favorite bands/ music groups? We talked about different genre's of music. What type of instruments are out there? What is a musician? Are singer's musicians? What can be a trio? What kind of look do certain genre's of bands create?

Students then began to design a stage with model magic and use markers to design lights and the 'vibe' they wanted to set for the type of genre of band. Then they stuck in their 3 popcicle sticks that represented the 3 musicians. They used google eyes and construction paper to create hair, costume, microphones and instruments for their band. Let the bands take center stage! Enjoy the wonderful student work!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE it! These all put a huge smile on my face...