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Monday, February 21, 2011

On a roll with Kandinsky's Circles...get it?:)

student work

 We just finished up learning about the famous artist and composer, Wassily Kandinsky.
We focused on his famous "Colour study: Squares with Concentric Circles". Our take on it was to make measurements and divide our cardstock into 8 sections. Then do a crayon resist by drawing rings leaving spaces inbetween the rings of crayon. We learned about watercolor techniques and used this exercise to learn about color mixing, proper use of the brush and learning how it's all about the water and not the paint. I encouraged using lots of different colors within the rings and background square color.

After using the crayon/watercolor resist technique, I thought about just using watercolor, acrylic with pearl medium and adding a  3-D effect after the watercolor had dried by gluing on different color rings of yarn.

Finally it brought me to my last approach, glue drawing and chalk pastels. Draw with pencil, trace over with white glue, let dry, and color in with colorful chalk pastel!

Wowsah! Check out those colors!

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