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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chihuly Glass Bowls!

student fill their 'glass' sheet with as much color and pattern as possible to show off their skills

2nd graders brushed up on the glass blowing artist Dale Chihuly (one of Miss Oetken's faves!). We watched a YouTube clip of Dale Chihuly explaining how he makes his art and watched the process through a tour of his art forms and 'hot shop' glass studio. We ooo-ed and ahhh-ed when looking at all of his different glass forms. Some classes got to learn all about the inside of the hot shop and the terminology of the tools through a interactive website 
The link above is also under ART GAMES heading on my homepage. Then we talked about how important color, texture and pattern is in his sculptures and glass making. We concentrated on Chihuly's bowls with using Sharpie permanent markers on a sheet of clear Graphix shrink film. We put a piece of white paper underneath so if we colored then it wouldn't get on the table. When student were finished they put their "sheet of glass" on the shelf.

Dale Chihuly bowls

Dale Chihuly glass blown sculpture

Dale Chihuly glass chandelier

Students then could use the paper under their drawing as free draw paper to design a Chihuly glass form of their own and color it in. Some made chandeliers and some made sculptures!

Students could also do a fun worksheet where they were asked to design a glass Chihuly bowl, chandelier, or sculpture of their own and color it in. There was also a Chihuly word search with class vocabulary words.

students filling space with Sharpie marker pattern

after taking the Chihuly bowls out of the oven I have posted about this same project in my labels. Just click the link to see the post.

student work

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  1. Truly amazing to see these young eager minds exploring the art of glass blowing and sculpture! Kudos to Miss Kati Oetken for shaping these young minds so beautifully!!! Teachers are HIGHLY UNDER-RATED!!! TEACHERS ROCK!!!!! <3 :)