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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Painted Paper Owls

1st graders made painted papers and then turned them into these awesome fall owls! I had paint containers with tempera paint with the colors, yellow, orange and brown. I had 2 yogurt cups with 2 pencils in each (so each table had 4 pencils total).

 First step was writing their name and class in the middle on the back of 2 sheets of 12x9 white thicker drawing paper(so when they cut stuff out their name is already on it!). I had students paint both papers with paint in order of my direction. Students had 2 minutes per color. First we stuck out paint brush in yellow to paint....5...4....3....2...1.. hold your paint brush up! Next color is....ORANGE, GO! Then another 2 minutes and so on. I explained it's okay to have the same paint brush in the colors as long as you go in my color order because it won't mess up the paint color! Then students put down their brush.

Then students brought papers to the drying rack and then rinsed brushes, cleaned tables and hands!
The next time when their two painted papers were dry we followed these steps. Pick one of the papers for the body. Cut the bottom two corners off. On your other sheet of paper cut out 2 triangles for the ears. Glue ears on top of body. I had brown rectangles of paper for the 'tummy' (5x7) and had triangle tracers to set on top and cut out. Glue on brown tummy. To trace eyes, just dump out the pencils from the yogurt containers and trace the yogurt containers onto slips of white paper for the eyes! Cut out and glue on. Use a black marker for the pupil of the eyes. For the feet, cut yellow construction paper rectangles (2x 5). I showed students how to draw a zigzag and cut out the triangles for the feet and beak. Glue on! Done!


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