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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Claude Monet: Discovering Impressionism!

4th graders learned all about the artist who started the Impressionist art movement, Claude Monet! We learned about who he was as an artist and his signature 'dabbing' brushstroke not focusing on detail but capturing a moment in time. Stand far away and see it all come together as your eye does the mixing of the colors to form the image! On one side of the worksheet had a summary of the artist and a picture of one of his many waterlily studies. On the other side, there is a copy of his 'waterlilies' to fill in with paint. Student were given Q-tips to create the 'dabs' of paint to fill in and recreate his masterpiece- concentrating on making the same type of brushstrokes as Monet.

I instructed students to not 'paint like a paint brush'. We're also not doing perfect dots like that of Seurat. Simply, just dabs of paint. Then we put them into the drying rack. This is a great way to do it because  you have the information of the famous artist and what we learned in class on the other side so parents can see what we're working on with a great explanation!


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  2. Hi!

    I'm wondering where you found the worksheets you speak of? With a short bio on one side and an example drawing to finish on the other?