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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mouse Paint! Primary colors and color mixing

Kindergarten has been learning about colors and other elements of art. We have talked about the primaries but now we're moving on to secondary colors and how they're made! We read the book "Mouse Paint" that tells a "tail" of how 3 mice do some color mixing of their own and learn how from the primary colors (blue, yellow, and red) new colors such purple, green and orange are made. What a great book to show and explain color mixing! We had fun and use some old, boring brush---we used FINGERPAINT to do our mixing!!

I got smart about finger paint. I bought these inexpensive squirt bottles from Wal-mart. Then I wrote the names on the papers and squirted a little dot of each color. Then students mixed inbetween colors to make the secondaries! Then when dry, made copies of the mice for students to cut out and glue down!


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