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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Claes Oldenburg Large Scale City Sculptures

student work

2nd grade has been busy learning about scale and proportion by studying Claes Oldenburg and his larger than life food sculptures! We talked about some of his sculptures are soft like an inflatable bed and some are large and hard to withstand outside weather.

student work...yum, cupcake sculpture!
 We mainly focused on his food sculptures and wanted to show scale of sculptures in a city. First we got a sheet of white paper for the background. Then used scrap paper to cut buildings out of to glue down for a city. Then we used lots of shape & color to create windows and repetition. We used Crayola construction paper crayons to make the windows. Then we talked about the background for the sky. What time of day is it? Is the sun setting? Rainy? Clear blue sky? Night? Color in the background accordingly.

Lastly, find your large scale food sculpture by scowering through Women's Day or other food magazines. Cut it out and glue it and anchor it to the 'ground'. Voila! Food sculpture in the city!

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