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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chuck Close exhibition in Des Moines!

So I forgot to post this during the summer when I went with my friend art friend Megan. She currently works at STICKS in Des Moines and also taught art for a while. We had heard that one of my very favorite artists, Chuck Close, was going to be having a traveling exhibition at a very small, intimate, gallery in downtown Des Moines. I loved how it was this tiny little nook of an older building, and there was this amazing exhibit of Chuck Close's self portraits showing all of his different mediums ( a little sample of a lot of the different ways he makes his self portraits). To me, the true art lies in the process of how these self portraits are made. It's amazing  how creative the approach is along with how pain-staking it must have been and how patient of man he must be.
 Enjoy a look inside the exhibition through my eyes!
made with paper pulp fibers applied on black paper

19 color woodcut!? Crazy.

look at all the different colors of ink!

47 color hand printed in the ukiyo-e tradition
with 39 blocks

Inside the exhibition in the gallery

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