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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alien Space Ship Letters...3..2..1..BLAST OFF!

I read a fun book about goofy looking aliens called "The Aliens Are Coming!" to 1st grade. It was rhyming and fun and it really touched on the visual characteristics that made each alien unique. The book was silly and kept talking about how these kooky aliens were on their way to earth to take over but then they change their minds because they see how scary HUMANS LOOK!

On the last page it reveals what the aliens saw..."YOU!" ande there's a mirror on the picture of the periscope so when I showed it to the kids they all could see themselves! Super funny.

I showed 1st graders procedure on how to make an easy bubble letter..because we're turning our letter into A SPACESHIP!!! It should be the first letter of their name. I showed how to first draw with pencil to make their letter very large. Then with a white oil pastel or white  Crayola CONSTRUCTION PAPER CRAYON I showed how to go around the pencil letter without tracing it-leaving space on each side of the pencil letter. Then erase the pencil lines in the middle..TA DAH!--Bubble Letter.  

I made hand outs that show step by step how to make circular windows, a spaceship "hatch" how to make aliens and how to make planets. I had a table we called the "space station" where students used a special technique  with oil pastels to make the planets. We used circle stencils to color inside with a colored oil pastel. We also used white crayon to make dots for white stars in outterspace.

While holding it in place still, we use a lighter color oil pastel on one side, then while still holding stencil in place, use your finger as a bending tool to smooth the color around and around inside the stencil. Then lift up on the stencil to reveal a beautiful mixed sphere.  Didn't these turn out great! I LOVE Crayola Construction Paper Crayons! They pop on black paper. Our principal Mrs. Seney even stopped in to join in on the fun and make her own. She had never seen this type of crayon before. Wow-wee!

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