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Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Little Pumpkins

My kinders (Kindergarten) started off the fall season by reading a very popular ryhming children's book "5 Little Pumpkins". We made our very own 5 little pumpkins! Each student got a dark forest green piece of paper and then drew 5 circles with a white crayon. I encouraged students to make medium sized pumpkins. This way they could easily fill in their pumpkins and have room for a face.

Students were directed to tear orange construction paper into small pieces and fill in their 'pumpkins'. We talked about using 'baby dots' of glue and how to use the 'tap cap' red topped glues (they are amazing and a great investment in saving glue and helping young students not to squirt out too much) and how to use the regular orange topped glue. After filling in the pumpkins, students then would tear small pieces of green and black paper to make the face of the pupmkin and the stem with leaf. We talked about how to keep your pieces glued flat like a pancake so they would dry and not fall off. This is a great assignment for the young ones to work on fine motor skills!

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