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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Starry Night with Vincent Van Gogh

Miss Oetken's Autumn Starry Night

1st graders learned about the famous work of art, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. We learned that Vincent Van Gogh is famous for his stylistic brush strokes (little lines of paint layed upon each other) and we discovered it's mostly blue with a bright yellow moon and stars! 1st graders made their own Starry Night with a fall seasonal twist. We changed the cyprus tree to a spooky leafless tree with bare branches. Then added a few pumpkins and then 3 spooky houses instead of a huge village like in the original painting.

Miss Oetken numbered the steps along with a picture to help to students know what comes next. Then we used colored crayons appropriately for the hilly grass, purple mountains, etc.  to trace over and outline pressing hard with crayon. Ater everything was colored in and outlined, we talked about Van Gogh's brushstrokes and how his little dashed lines make up the painting. We filled in areas with different colored dashed lines to show how Van Gogh would have painted his Fall Starry Night.
Then we used liquid blue watercolor to cover the entire drawing to show it was quite a blue and beautiful fall evening:)
Student work, WOW! Keep scrolling for more:)

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