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Friday, March 23, 2012

Picasso Cubism Self Portraits

4th graders learned about Cubism and the founders of this art movement, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque (just for the record I totally messed up the pronounciation when I talked about Georges Braque. How do you find proper pronounciations?! HERE!!!--->  Amazing. We looked at a powerpoint all about Cubism ( It does a nice job of providing discussion and visual with the class and explains Picasso and his periods (blue and rose) and examples. It also does a nice job of explaing what Cubism really is- a way of making art by combining all different views of an object or person into a painting or a single drawing plane. We looked at painting within the power point and a lot of Picasso's portraits of people.

4th graders learned how to make a distorted Cubist self portrait using black glue to outline and then bright watercolor and pattern! We first traced a skinny rectangle that would become the distorted head/face. Then made a creative line down the middle, making sure to add the nose. We talked about characteristics of Picasso's portraits like the large noses and how the eyes were always uneven because of different views combined. We also talked about making funky creative ears, eye brows, and lashes.

The next classtime, we used our new double tray PRANG watercolors. I showed students how to use the cover with the compartments to mix colors of their own. We also learned a technique to do line work and pattern with watercolor. Pretty cool results!


  1. Love these! They are so fun.

  2. Kati These look great! I have not seen a Picasso lesson that is successful in a long time. I will be linking this on the AOE FB page. :) Jessica Balsley

    1. Jessica! Thanks for posting! Ellen has told me so much about you and I laughed and said, "Oh I go to her blog all the time!" Such a small world. Love your blog and thank you for visiting mine:)

  3. These look like alot of fun to make. May I ask how to create the black glue?