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Monday, March 5, 2012

Asian Art! Coffee Filter diffusing watercolor FANS!

3rd graders made these fans while watching "Between the Folds". We looked at important symbols in Asian culture, rituals, and in art. Some of these symbols were the bamboo branches, the sakura tree or cherry blossom trees/branches, chinese dragon, calligraphy, and koi fish. We looked at visuals (making sure scratch paper was underneath) drew with pencil first if needed, then went over it with black permanent Sharpie markers. I told students to fill in with crayola waterbased markers for the background. I will be spraying these fans down with water. Everything that's done with permanent marker will stay the same, everything with waterbased markers like Crayola markers, will blend and blur together like watercolor (the wetter it gets the more it blends and looks like watercolor!). With that being said, I advised students to fill in their permanent color drawings and turning it into a silhouette or leaving it open and just coloring with waterbased markers over the top. Don't draw with the markers, fill in with the markers! Check out some of these amazing fans!

Students work- a cherry blossom branch-after spray

student work-beautiful watercolor effect!

spraying down after students finished coloring-pre watercolor phase!


  1. Beautiful! I love that you can spray down the papers while they are on the drying rack. Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Kati

    I just put up photos of this project on my blog...the project was a huge hit with our third graders. Thanks for posting.