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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Suess' Fox in Socks drawings & tie-dye socks

2nd graders had some fun with making art based on Dr. Suess' books for his upcoming birthday! First Miss Oetken read the tongue twisting book, Fox in Socks. The students laughed and laughed.  Then I showed them how to make Dr. Suess's illustration of Fox in Socks. I broke it into several easy steps. I even demonstrated it again in enlarged form on the white board. I told the students to draw with pencil lightly so you can erase easier. Then trace over with bold outline with black crayon or marker. Then color in with oil pastel on your orange paper. Have fun making it your own by choosing the colors of socks and whimsical grass. They all did AMAZING. While students were working on this project. I called table by table back to rubberband their socks, while they wrote their name and classcode in permanent marker on a freezer ziplock baggie. I was waiting by the sink with premixed black and orange RIT dye (Orange and black are the school's colors. These are great colors because students can wear them for Dr. Suess's birthday, spirit days, and support their school at sporting events). While the student would hold open the baggie, I would take the rubber banded socks under the water quickly to wet them, then squirt dye on them in the sink, and then quickly pop them back into the students baggie and zip and place on their shelf. Over the weekend I came in and took off the rubber bands, rinsed, and stapled washing machine directions on the baggies and zipped them back up to deliver to the classrooms. Students were VERY excited! How fun. Even the teachers commented on how they loved that I was tying in literacy and tying it back to theme they were studying in the classroom. They put it in their newsletter and told the students they could wear their socks on Dr. Suess's birthday if they wanted to!

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