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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Op Art 3-D Glasses with 3-D Self Portrait


We are currently just starting our 3-D glasses and that went really well so far. I've done this activity with other classes at art centers and it's always been a hit! I got the initial idea (before my creative tweaking) from Arts and Activities magazine (a personal favorite!). The kids can't believe how the glasses and paper interact with each other to have the facial features pop off the page! Here's how I do this art lesson: First I make a bunch of copies of the 3-D glasses template on either regular paper or cardstock. Then I show the students to cut out the glasses and how to safely cut a hole in the paper to cut out each of the lenses carefully. I have precut the red and blue celophane into squares a little bit bigger than the square lense hole. I encourage students to use baby dots of glue around the edge of the lense so it doesn't squish all over the lense.  
Then they pick up a long strip of cardstock/posterboard for the 'bows' of the glasses to stay on. I show them how to cut a notch so it stays on your ears. Then glue it on the top part of the back (as pictured) and bend to form the bows of the glasses. Now DECORATE!! I've even thrown some sequins out there with all the markers, crayons, colored pencils etc.
Classtime#2: Now students can wear glasses to choose colors that pop or don't pop for the features on their self portraits. You HAVE to have FLUORESCENT PAPER FOR THIS PART. Have students glue down a circle of paper for the face (construction paper), then have all kinds of scrap paper and fluorescent paper mixed in, to add and cut for the eye brows, eye lashes, hair, glasses, eyes, nose, ears etc. Encourage them to keep their glasses on for color choosing but dno't have to have them on the entire time because it's hard to see everything with them on.


  1. I believe you have the have the cellophane glued on the correct sides.

  2. OH! And use mirrors! Did I mention that? I got a good deal on some mirrors at the dollar store for candles. I also purchased some 'unbreakable mirrors' that I got on sale from SAX art catalog. They're big and sit on your table so 2 people can use them on one side of the table. They need the mirrors to really understand proportion and how features look upon their face:)