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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd grade finishing Snowflake Color Wheel Snowmen-now Op Art 3-D Self Portrait!

We just finished our watercolor snowflake snowmen. It was a great activity for 2nd grade to not just work with watercolor/brush techniques, but also understanding the color wheel/color mixing! Classtime #1: I had students pick 'neighbors' on the color wheel, or colors right next to each other. Then using wet on wet techniques/proper brush techniques, the students picked their colors and painted. I had them do a side project (a holiday 'extra' activity) to fill the time after they accomplished their project.
Classtime #2: I had drawn 3 different sized circles on a piece of paper and made copies for them to have their own 'templates' to trace around them after cutting them out. Have the students place the templates on their 'tye dyed' now dry paper, trace and cut out. I also demo how to make snowflakes: Fold over to make a taco, then again to make a piece of pizza. Cut out shapes like triangles,squares, circles around the edges...make sure not to cut too close together or the paper will disappear and the snowflake will fall apart. Then we glued them down using 'baby dots' and used metallic (let's face it, metallic crayons are way more fun then the plain ones they're used to!)crayons to make the face & arms if they chose to. Then, I did what I am not a fan of....used glitter.I can't help it, the kids love it so I got it out. I could write a whole nother post about how I have careful process of how we use glitter in my room, but that's for another time. Nevertheless, we used glitter for the scarf, it's still on the floor in some places, but the students loved it! You just gotta break down your boundaries and have fun some know you want to! Now onto the next post about 3-D self portraits!

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