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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Batik & Brush Your Teeth? What?

So have you thought about doing Batik in your room? I've thought about it, but with young students, it seems like a dangerous feat! Batiks, as you know, are made by painting melted wax on fabric in a design. Then depending on the effect you want, the fabric is crumbled up and soaked in different dyes, or different dyes are painted directly on the spaces where wax is not covering. Then you use an iron or a different source to remove the wax and the places that were painted in wax, are now white or a negative space where the fabric was 'masked'.
Well get this. YOu can make your own, WAX FREE, and super inexpensive, by using.....wait for it...TOOTHPASTE & ALOE VERA LOTION! Dollar Tree and Dollar General are calling my name. Here is great instructions and a great art teacher blogger! Pictures and great info! YOU REALLY HAVE TO USE A NON WASHABLE TEMPERA nothing else works, I've tried it!

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