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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Andy Warhol's Cats and Soup Can Ink Blot Prints

Andy Warhol is not only famous for screenprinting in a repetative manner, but also for his illustrations and advertisements early in his career. He discovered a blotted line technique where he would draw with wet ink and before it dried, lay a piece of paper on top of the wet print and pulling a textured line print. He enjoyed how it wasn't perfectly uniform and produced a unique result.

I first drew a reproduction of Andy's cat and soup can that was very simplified. Then made copies. The key to pulling these prints is having watered down ink/paint, working quickly, and using just the tip of the bristles of a plastic bristled brush. Work fast or it might dry on you. We talked about this and what to do if it does. Put a plexi glass plate on the top of the photocopy. Have a piece of construction paper or white drawing paper with your name on the back handy. After tracing over with wet ink, quickly lay the paper on top. Rub the back then pull away from the plate to pull your print. After pulling the print, I told students they could look at Andy's prints for inspiration or simply create a new design!


  1. I love this idea! I've always been a big Warhol fan and I love the story about all of his cats named Sam. He was so quirky!

    I recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it, can't wait to see what you post next!

    Aleacia @

    1. Thanks Aleacia! I'll keep an eye on yours too! Thanks for checking it out.

  2. Hi. My name is Olivia and I was wondering if you could follow my blog.

  3. What a great lesson - I love new ideas that nudge the kids into thinking and looking in new ways! Thanks so much :) Do you allow pinning? I'd love to pin a record of this for the future!

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