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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"I MUSTACHE you a question...Will you be my Valentine?"

 Kindergarten is going to be making Mustache Valentines! All I did was make some mustache tracers to trace onto brown paper pieces with white crayon so they can see and cut.  They can pick one glittery heart to glue on somewhere. I wrote their names on popcicle sticks then had out a bunch of masking tape pieces around my table. Tape the stick to the side. I made copies of the saying "I MUSTACHE you a question...WIll you be my Valentine?" Gluing the saying on is the last step! Easy and fun and sure to get some laughs.


  1. So cute!!! They are stache-tastic! I too have a love for the stache!

  2. It's even worse than I beard! But I do love this lesson though.