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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wolf Kahn Analogus Color Family pastel

Miss Oetken's Wolf Kahn!

Miss Oetken's Wolf Kahn!

Wolf Kahn's tree landscape pastel

Wolf Kahn's pastel
I should have gone heavier with pastel like lots of my students did! Keep watching for
my do-over and much improved Wolf Kahn :)

Kindergarten got down right messy and fun with chalk pastels and analogous color schemes of the beautiful sunsets, dusk, and sunrises of Kahn's pastel forest landscapes. To keep my students using gestural and quick marks, I did count downs and explained how to use the side of the pastel to spread the color across the page. I did each step with them using the document camera or simply tacking a piece of paper up on the white board so I'd count them down as I did each color with them. First brown near the bottom, then a yellow green or sage green, then magenta or red-violet, and finally purple/violet almost to the top.

Then comes the fun part, smoothing and blending 1 color across at a time moving up after each color is blended. However, this usually turns into a fun fest of getting messy hands with chalk. Then I quickly gain back their attention by saying "5 finish blending, 4 almost done, 3, are you ready, 2 hope you're listening, and 1 grab your brown pastel again". I then direct and show students how to make fast long and short strokes for the gestural tree trunks. Then put down the brown, grab your green to finish. I explain to use the side of the green and make a ziggy ziggy zag for the gestural leaves near the top. You can do this with different colors and different colored trunks & sunsets too. Look over a variety of Wolf Khans for different analogous color combinations.

OH! And here is another approach that I saw on another art teacher blog. Crayon watercolor resist approach! Color in the trees with crayon or oil pastel and then watercolors in analogous color schemes over the top. Gorgeous. click on this for the visual

New and improved Miss Oetken's Wolf Kahn!

Miss Oetken's new and improved Wolf Kahn!

KINDERGARTEN student work below!

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