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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Andy Warhol DIAMOND DUST shoes

Miss Oetken's Diamond Dust Shoes

5th grade just finished studying Andy Warhol I just visited the Des Moines Art Center! My friend Julia Mason from good ol' studio class days in drawing and other art classes, now works in the education wing at the Des Moines Art Center! She gave me a personal tour of the education and youth studios and the museum. It brought back memories of teaching a lot of my own art classes and programs before my public school job! If you don't know me, all through college I worked as an art teacher and gallery tour guide for youth at the Cedar Falls Hearst Center for the Arts and Gallery! I helped plan the themed weeks of classes, camps, and programs through out my years in college. I even did art themed birthday parties! I owe it all to my amazing Art Education Professor, Lisa Becker. She gave me a chance to volunteer, and the director noticed my talent and Lisa asked me if I'd like a paid position. She was amazing and taught me so much and helped make me the art teacher I am today! Anyways, back to Andy. I saw amazing famous pieces of art and then I saw an Andy Warhol I had never experienced....I had read about it, but never saw it in person. ONE OF HIS DIAMOND DUST SHOE PRINTS!


Andy Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoes!
I had read about Andy Warhol putting actual diamond dust in his black screenprinting ink and then printing with it. It was amazing to behold. It shimmered and glittered from every angle. Wow. AND it gave me a very good idea for 5th grade art. Make Diamond Dust shoes but leave it open for interpretation.

We watched Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists Andy Warhol video and talked about printmaking. Then I showed them Diamond Dust shoes that I saw at the Des Moines Art Center. I had made long oval tracers to position and trace on black paper. Then make your own designs of shoes with pencil, but keep it simple! Then trace over with glue, let dry, and color in with chalk pastel for a bright pop of color. After that is finished...bring on the diamond dust! I had watered down modge podge and paint brushes to paint around shoes. Then, sprinkle on pinches of clear white glitter here and there.

Check it out! Just went to the Science Center, then the Des Moines Art Center, and look!
What do you get when you cross Da Vinci Science Center exhibition with Andy Warhol? Mona
Lisa prints! How fitting!

OK. I couldn't help but stop at the
Science Center's Da Vinci exibition. Really cool facts! MONA
  Check out my student's work! This is before we did the diamond dust:

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